Visiting Leeds - Best Park in Leeds to Sit and Spend Quality Time

Posted on: 24,September 2016

Leeds is one of the best cities in UK and known for some of the best things that is provided in the city. This city is rightly situated in the middle of the country and happens to be the fastest growing city in the world. One of the best and best vision followed is in this city which is that this city is a truly child friendly city. The Leeds leads by its culture which is still intact and drives the city with positive energy. Leeds is also the home for Phoenix Dance Theater, Northern Ballet, Opera North and the first direct Arena etc. and now the Leeds Rhinos and John Charles center is the center sports taken care by Leeds which used to be Chinese and Dutch Olympics teams.

There are some beautiful festivals that are organized in this city and attractions, awesome nightlife and what not. There are great places to visit, beautiful restaurants to visit and much more. There are some lovely parks and lively restaurants scene in this city where many of the international cuisines are available specializing according to the eaters need. To your surprise, Leeds has made to the top 10 destinations in the whole UK. Let us see about the best park in Leeds:

Roundhay Park:

Round hay park is one of the most famous park in Leeds where many visitors visit to have a great day. This is an amazing park where so many brilliant things are done in one place itself. Many people visit this park in regular times as it’s that fantastic. It’s ideal for going in groups, says friends or family or just as couple would also be equally exciting.

This park is one of the popular parks as well in Leeds mainly due to its size of the park and also its grandeur and a list of things that can be done or see here. This place is situated 3 miles from the city center and covers around 700 areas which are huge. The park has everything like woodlands, lakes, rolling parkland, formal gardens with many cafes situated right inside the park. It has two playgrounds as well keeping children in mind. And one of the popular tourist attractions would be the tropical world and much more things here.

The park is located in Mansion Lane off Princes Avenue. There are many special attractions in this park like canoe club, land train, Skate Park, lakes and streams, many sports played here, tropical world, specialized gardens etc. The cafes here are also a must visit due to what they offer which is best suited to this park. So you can enjoy your food and the scenery in the park.

Such parks are romantic as well. They have to be visited with good company as it will give you memory for life. And for loners, Playmate Leeds gallery is there to give the best service in town. The companions provided here is unimaginable and top class with whom you can spend your whole day.